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International publications:
National publications:
  • Molenmaker, W. E. (2017). Een beter milieu afdwingen? Makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan! In-Mind Nederland, 2017, 1.
  • Molenmaker, W. E., De Kwaadsteniet, E. W., & Van Dijk, E. (2013). Kostbaar straffen en belonen in 'warme' versus 'koude' sociale dielmma's. In R. Dotsch, e.a. (Eds). Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie 2013 (pp. 141-144). ASPO Pres: Groningen.
  • Molenmaker, W. E., De Kwaadsteniet, E. W., & Van Dijk, E. (2012). Ik beloon je met meer dan alleen mijn trots: Altruïstisch belonen en de rol van trots in twee types sociaal dilemma's. In M. Strick, e.a. (Eds). Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie 2012 (pp. 147-150). ASPO Pres: Groningen.
Manuscripts submitted or under review:
  • Sun, Q., Molenmaker, W. E., Liu, Y., & Van Dijk, E. (under review). The effects of social exclusion on distributive fairness perceptions and cooperative behavior. Manuscript under review.
Manuscripts in preparation:
  • Molenmaker, W. E. , Lelieveld, G.-J., & van Meer, F. (in prep). The reluctance to punish free-riding: Evidence from a fMRI-study. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Molenmaker, W. E. & Van Dijk, E. (in prep). Need-based dyadic cooperation. Manuscript in preparation.




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    Common resource dilemmas (CRDs) and public good dilemmas (PGDs) are distinct types of social dilemmas, yet they model the same…

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    The present paper investigates how rewards as well as punishments – implemented to enforce the social norm of cooperation –…

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    Numerous studies have demonstrated that sanctions can promote cooperation. However, it is not only important to know that sanctions can…

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    To promote cooperation, people often rely on the administration of sanctions. However, from previous research we know that those in…

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