Assistant Professor • Leiden University

Portfolio Tag: Common resource dilemmas


Common resource dilemmas (CRDs) and public good dilemmas (PGDs) are distinct types of social dilemmas, yet they model the same underlying conflict between the collective interest and one's self‐interest. Here, we study and interpret behavioral differences between these two main types of social dilemmas by applying a logic of appropriateness. In two experiments, we argue…
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Sanction opportunities are often introduced to promote cooperative choice behavior. Experimental studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the use of both rewards and punishments can indeed effectively increase cooperation. However, research has only recently begun to identify the determinants of the willingness to sanction. We investigate the use of costly sanctions to promote cooperation in the…
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In deze studie hebben wij de bereidheid om altruïstisch te belonen onderzocht in twee types sociale dilemma's. Het blijkt dat mensen meer altruïstisch belonen in een publiek goed dilemma dan in een brondilemma omdat ze meer trots ervaren ten aanzien van de betreffende persoon.
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